ebro TIC 100 Thermo Imaging Camera

The ebro Thermal Imager TIC 100 measures and documents temperature-sensitive products. You can easily determine the temperature distribution of a product during laboratory analysis and capture it on camera.
As the temperature is measured by infrared and thus a contactless measurement, the Imager TIC 100 can be used for temperature measurements of moving or voltage-carrying parts. With the Imager TIC 100, the measured temperatures can be captured and documented quickly and easily with the camera.

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The power of the Thermal Imager TIC 100:

  • The infrared camera with micro SD memory shows contactless in less than one second temperature points (hot or cold)
  • The thermal imaging allows for optimal evaluation of defects
  • Ease of use through an easily understandable menu navigation
  • Robust design with ergonomic design made for improved use
  • Thermal images can be moved and saved from micro SD-card
  • Pinpoint temperature measurement
  • Provides heat sources and critical temperatures in a quick and safe manner
  • Rapid fault diagnosis with thermal images
  • Measurement technology allows to measure with a safe distance from the objects to the imager
  • Particularly suitable to measure temperature on voltage-carrying or moving objects in the electrical and mechanical fields

Typical Applications:

The use of thermal imagers in building thermography, a method for testing the insulation of houses, the control of flat roofs and analysis of masonry, for localization of cracks in pipes and for creating an energy performance certificate is already successful in use for many years.

In industrial and mechanical trade thermal imagers are in use to check electrical systems. Here for example in use for the determination of the power loss of electronic assemblies and the
testing of mechanical systems. Thermal imaging cameras are also sucessful tools in fire fighting service. The use of cameras without risk and fast remaining embers from fires can be detected and people are found in smoke-filled buildings.

In veterinary medicine, the thermal imaging camera is used in diagnosis. The measurement of the surface heat of inflammatory regions of the body of an animal helps the veterinarian to identify of the causative when he is making a diagnosis.

ebro TIC 100  
Measuring range - 20 °C ... +250 °C
(- 4 °F ... +482 °F)
Accuracy ±2% from measured value, or
±2 °C (4 °F)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Certificate Factory calibration certifi cate
Optic 32 x 31
Field of view (FOV) 33° x 33°
Spectral Range 8~14µm
Emissivity Range 0.95 default –
adjustable between 0.10 and 1.00
Acoustic Alarm Yes
Low Alarm Level Adjustable in Steps of 1 °C
High Alarm Level Adjustable in Steps of 1 °C
Operation Temperature 0 °C ... +50 °C
Operation Humidity < 85 %rH non-condensing
Storage Temperature -10 °C ... +60 °C
Display 2.8" color
Backlight Intensity adjustable
Dimensions 234 x 74 x 95
Weight 411 g
USB Interface Yes