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YSI EXO1 and handheld

YSI EXO1 Multiparameter Sonde

Capturing accurate data in fresh water, ground water and marine aquatic environments is easy with the versatile multiparameter EXO1 sonde. Ideal for estuarine, surface water or ground water applications.

YSI EXO2 multiparamter water quality instrument

YSI EXO2 다중 파라미터 존데

 The advanced monitoring platform EXO includes a multi-item EXO2 zone, which can be applied to oceanographic, stormwater or surface water applications. The advanced EXO2 sonde collects data up to 250m. - Consists of six interchangeable 'smart' sensors and a central wiper to clean bio attachments.

EXO fDOM Smart Sensor

YSI EXO fDOM Smart Sensor

The EXO fDOM (fluorescent dissolved organic matter) sensor is a digital smart sensor featuring welded titanium construction and wet-mateable connectors. Complete calibration in less than 15 minutes using EXO's suite of smart sensors and intuitive KOR interface software.

Multiparameter water quality verticle profiler

YSI 6951 Pontoon - Vertical Profiling System

The YSI 6951 Pontoon Vertical Profiling System offers user-programmable sample intervals, redundant error recovery logic that detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically, and is compatible with all YSI EXO and 6-Series sondes equipped with depth.

Buoy - Vertical Profiling System

YSI 6952 부이 - 수직 프로파일링 시스템

YSI 6952 부이 - 수직 프로파일링 시스템은 사용자가 프로그래밍할 수 있는 샘플 간격, 예상치 못한 활동을 감지하고 이를 자동으로 복구하는 중복 에러 복구 로직을 제공하며, YSI EXO 및 수심에 따라 장착된 6-시리즈 존데와 모두 호환 가능합니다.