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Our level meters are known for the simple and logical functions. Our advanced technoligies and high quality manufacturing proceses, ensure the optimal relationship between performance, quality and price.

  • Hydrostatic / Bubblers
  • Acoustic / Ultrasonic
  • Radar
  • Water Level
Expert™ Hydrostatic Level series

MJK Expert™ Hydrostatic Level Series

MJK offers a full series of water level transmitters designed for immersion in open tanks, wet-wells, ground water and reservoirs. The water level transmitters are designed for measurement under rough conditions in all water and wastewater applications with large concentrations of sludge and suspended solids.

DAA Bubbler

YSI WaterLOG Bubbler / Pressure Sensor (H-3553T)

The Bubbler has an improved controller and pressure regulator that use a sophisticated system of sensors and valves to regulate the bubble rate and purge pressure. And to keep the sediment from settling around the orifice line, this Bubbler provides a purge feature to keep the pressure at a desired level. You can even start a manual purge, anytime, with the touch of a button. This system was made for those who don't have time to mess around at the site.


Global Water DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Datalogger

The DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers are highly accurate, self-contained, battery powered absolute pressure water level loggers designed to record water depth and temperature over long periods. The absolute pressure water level sensor, electronics and battery are housed in a rugged, double-sealed 316 stainless steel tube for long term submersible deployment. The DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers require no external wires and may be suspended with any suitable and secure cable. When it's time to download the recorded data, the DCX-22 is simply retrieved from the measurement point and the double sealed end cap is then removed to access the absolute pressure water level sensor's data port.

WL16 Water Level Loggers

Global Water WL16 수위측정 로거

The water level logger WL16 is designed for remote monitoring and logging of water level or pressure data, combined with a data logger and an underwater pressure transducer. The water level logger can record over 81,000 measurements and has four special recording options: fast (10 samples per second), programmable intervals (1 second to several years), logs and exceptions. A water level change of 500 feet is possible. The standard for all water level loggers is a 25-foot vent cable, with options for up to 2,000 feet of cable available at the factory. Four sample modes: 10 times per second, time limit, log, exception

Global Water WL430 Sewage Lift Station Wastewater Level Sensor

Global Water WL430 하수 리프트 스테이션 폐수 수위 센서

 하수 리프트 스테이션 폐수위 센서의 "철골" 설계는 하수, 리프트 스테이션, 스톰관, 수조 및 슬러리 탱크 등과 같은 극도의 하이 솔리드 환경에서 수위를 측정하는데 있어 높은 신뢰도를 제공합니다.

Global Water WL400 Vented Water Level Sensor

Global Water WL400 벤트 수위 센서

 Global Water's WL400 water level sensor allows highly accurate water level measurements in a wide variety of applications, including harsh environments. The underwater pressure transducer has a dynamic temperature compensation system that allows high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range. Level sensors can be easily adjusted to suit all data loggers, telemetry, monitoring equipment and displays.

YSI Amazon Water Level Bubbler

YSI 아마존 수위측정 버블러

 Designed with ease in mind, the Amazon Bubbler is an ideal system for sites that monitor water levels over a long period of time. It can be used as a proprietary system with an internal data store or as a sensor connected to a manufacturer data logger. It's easy to organize and collect data using a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) on any standard web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. A robust, technically advanced system makes the Amazon Bubbler an ideal solution for real-time monitoring and data acquisition.

Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

MJK Shuttle® 초음파 수위계

MJK케이블로 연결된 센서는 디스플레이가 설치된트랜스미터의 위치선정이 용이하고,매우유용하게 사용되어질수 있으며, 큰 디스플레이를 통하여 먼거리에서도 식별이 가능합니다.원스텝 측정 시작 절차는 쉽게 따라할 수 있으며, 모든 기능, 제어 및 신호 측정 특성을 변경하기 쉽습니다. 

Global Water WL705 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor

글로벌 워터 WL705 초음파 수위 센서

 WL 705 초음파 수위 센서는 비접촉식으로 정확하게 수위를 측정하기 위해 최신 초음파 거리 측정 기술을 사용합니다. 이 센서에는 스테인리스 하우징 내에 장착된 변환기가 탑재되어 있기 때문에 사용 수명이 길며 업계 표준인 4-20 mA 출력을 제공합니다.

Water Level Radar H-3611-12-13

YSI WaterLOG - Water Level Radar Series (H-3611/12/13)

The Radar is a non-contact water level sensor, perfect for just about every tough to reach site. It contains a built in LCD display for simple monitoring, setup and maintenance. It's interface is compatible with any data logger that is SDI-12 compliant and you can set the sensor to measure in feet, meters or any other engineering unit you want.

Nile Radar Series

YSI WaterLOG Nile Water Level Radar Series

NEW Nile Series 502/504/517 models! Designed for non-contact water level measurement. The WaterLOG Nile Series (502/504/517) combines high accuracy with an out-of-the-box measurement range of up to 70 m. The rugged, innovative design was inspired for installation on a bridge or other structure over the water—making this series ideal for sites that may have ice or other instrument-damaging debris. Its reliable interface and simple SDI-12 communication ensure seamless integration with current water monitoring stations. With three models to choose from, the Nile Series is sure to meet your water monitoring needs.

Royce Portable Suspended Solids Level Analyzer(711)

Royce Portable Suspended Solids Level Analyzer(711)

The Royce Model 711 Portable Suspended Solids/ Interface Level Analyzer is a rugged, waterproof instrument designed for the rigors of remote sampling. The meter provides reliable operation in waste treatment plants, rivers, lakes and other aqueous systems. The meter will read in either grams per liter when in the suspended solids mode or relative density percentage while in the interface level mode of operation.

WaterLOG Shaft Encoder Water Level Instrument (H-3301/11/42)

YSI WaterLOG Shaft Encoder Water Level Instrument (H-3301/11/42)

Designed specifically for measuring water level in a stilling well, the Shaft Encoder Series (H-3301/3311/3342) sturdy design incorporates the use a float and pulley to produce accurate data within minutes of installation. Now, with the use of magnetic sensors, the WaterLOG Shaft Encoder features minimize static sensitivity for enhanced performance. You'll enjoy the easy to read, ultra low power, built-in LDC display allowing you to view the last measured value at any time. And this series is compatible with most data loggers, to allow easy installation. With three models to choose from, you can be sure to get a Shaft Encoder that has all the features you are looking for and more.

YSI WaterLOG Submersible Pressure Transducer(H-3123)

YSI WaterLOG Submersible Pressure Transducer (H-3123)

Specifically designed to measure ground and surface water pressure, temperature and levels, the WaterLOG® Submersible Pressure Transducer (H-3123) can transmit data digitally over cable lengths of up to 304.8 meters(1000 feet). Its sleek stainless steel diaphragm and polyurethane vented cable, give the Submersible Pressure Transducer the durability it needs to survive rugged environments. Unique to the Submersible Pressure Transducer is the dry air moisture barrier system, providing atmospheric compensation with no on-site calibration required. 

Global Water WL500 Well Level Sounder

글로벌 워터 WL500 음향 측심기

 글로벌 워터 WL500 음향 측심기는 우물 수위 측정에 있어 정밀하고 새로운 표준을 제공합니다.   이 음향 측심기는 미 연방 GGG-T-106E이나 유럽 EEC CLASS II (유럽) 규격이 요구하는 0.008 %의 정확성에 충족하거나 탁월합니다.  이 음향 측심기는 직경이 1/8 인치 (16mm) 인 스테인리스과 테플론으로 구성된 프로브를 사용합니다.  센서 전자장치는 방수 및 방진 기능을 갖춘 하우징 내에 장착되어 있습니다.  전자장치 모듈을 쉽게 분리할 수 있기 때문에 릴과 테이프 전체를 청소하고 오염물질을 제거할 수 있습니다.  측정용 테이프를 구성하는 스프링 강철 코어는 음향 측심기를 다양한 직경의 우물 내에서 완벽한 수직 형태가 되도록 유지시킵니다. 따라서 정적 수위의 변동뿐 아니라 테이프 꼬임 현상으로 오차를 발생시키는 기존 백색 테이프와 비교하여 정확도가 뛰어납니다.


글로벌 워터 WL550 오일/워터 인터페이스 미터

 글로벌 워터 WL 550 오일/워터 인터페이스 미터는 업계 최고의 정확성을 갖춘 광학 프로브를 사용하여 떠 있는(경소수성 액체/LNAPL) 탄화수소, 갈아앉은 (중소수성 액체/DNAPL) 탄화수소와 및 물의 깊이와 두께를 측정합니다. 모든 오일/워터 인터페이스 프로브는 특유한 3중 방수 구조로 설계되어 압력과 누수를 방지합니다.