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YSI 멀티랩 4010-1

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 Connect a digital IDS sensor to MultiLab 4010-1 to measure pH, ORP (redox potential), conductivity and DO / BOD (dissolved oxygen / biochemical oxygen demand).

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 Equipment only. Cables, probes / centers and accessories are sold separately.

The YSI multi-lap line includes  4010-1 (single channel ),  4010-2 (dual channel)  and  4010-3 (triple channel) instruments, which operate in a menu-driven way that is ideal for laboratory use. All multi-lab instrument models accurately measure pH, ORP, conductivity and DO / BOD. In addition, ISE can be connected to dual and triple channel equipment.


  •  pH, ORP, DO / BOD or conductivity sensor input
  •  The ISE connected to the BNC can be connected to the MultiLab 4010-2 and 4010-3 equipped with an adapter (108132Y) that converts the 1 digit digital input value to the analog BNC input value.
  •  Store more than 5,000 data sets (MultiLap 4010-1) and 10,000 data records (MultiLap 4010-2 and 4010-3) in 500 data sets and automatic logging modes in manual mode
  •  Highly readable, high-capacity graphic display
  •  MultiLab 4010-2 and 4010-3 with color screen and antimicrobial keypad
  •  Intelligent Digital Sensor - Plug and Play connection
  •  GLP Traceability (sensor storage serial number and calibration data)
  •  Easy data management with USB connection, USB cable included
  •  PC software included for easy data transfer
  •  With long lasting electrode stand
  •  Warranty period 3 years

 IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensor)

 The IDS sensor automatically stores its own serial number and calibration data. In addition, the measurement signal is digitally processed. You can move sensors between instruments, and the sensor maintains calibration data and transfers this information to new equipment.

  •  Plug and Play connection with each device
  •  IDS Sensor - Stores the unique ID and calibration data of the sensor with the serial number
  •  Digital sensor recognition, processing and data transmission
  •  Includes autorotation BOD, pH, ORP and conductivity sensor
  •  BOD probe - utilizing optical dissolved oxygen measurement technology and guard tip included

 CMC (continuous measurement control)

 The CMC function continuously monitors the measurement range of the sensor. The measuring range is displayed in the form of a bar and the calibration point is displayed as a vertical line at the point. The point at which the cursor moves indicates the current measurement and shows whether the measurement is within the calibration range.

 QSC (Quality Sensor Control)

 QSC is a system that monitors the pH sensor status. After performing the initial calibration, the sensor status is monitored and plotted over time.

 Automatic stabilization  Yes
 Bench Top  Yes
 Buffer recognition  Yes
 certification cETLus, CE
 Connectivity / Communication  Mini USB, USB-A
 Data Management  500 data sets (manual mode), 5,000 data sets (automatic mode)
 Compatible Desktop Software  BOD Analyst Pro desktop software that automatically calculates BOD values
 Digital / Digital Sensor  Yes
 display  Highly readable, high-capacity graphic display
 Equipment used together  Multilab IDS probes and accessories
 GLP compliance  Yes
 Graphic display  Highly readable, high-capacity graphic display
 Logging function  Yes
 Measurement method / channel  One measuring channel
 Measuring range  pH: -0.000 to 14.000 (+/- 0.004), Conductivity: -10 μS / cm to 2,000 mS / cm + 0.5% value (301710Y), .01 μS / cm to 200 μS / cm + 0.5% Temperature: 0 to 100ºC (32 to 212ºF), dissolved oxygen amount: 0 to 50 mgL, air saturation: 0 to 500%, salinity: - 0.0 to 70.0 ppt + 0.5% value
 Operating pH range 0.000 to 14.000 (+/-0.004)
 Operating temperature  32 ~ 176ºF
 Measurement parameter  (Dissolved oxygen content,% & mg / L *), temperature, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS (total dissolved solids), pH / mV, ORP
 power  Universal Power Supply
 sampling  Yes
 Smart sensor / port  IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensor)
 User-correctable  Yes
 User replaceable  Yes
 guarantee  3 years
 Waterproof  Yes