YSI Science pHT-Micro pH Electrode

Our pH electrodes are designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of laboratory applications. pH electrode options include single, double or triple junction, 3-in-1, micro for small samples, refillable or non-refillable and other special configurations like Iodine/Iodide reference, Platinum junction or ground junction.

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Compatible with our TruLab benchtop meter models

Science pHT-Micro, pH electrode, Double Junction, 3 in 1, Platinum junction, 170 mm length, Micro electrode, glass shaft, 1 meter cable, BNC connector, 1 banana plug, NTC 30 kOhm. Item is heat packed in the winter months. Shipment must be made via 2-day or next day carrier during that time.

Benchtop Yes
Buffer Recognition Yes
Connector SMEK Plug Head
Equipment used with TruLab Instruments
GLP Compliance Yes
Operating pH Range 0 to 14 pH
Operating Temperature -5° to 100°C, 23°F to 212°F
Parameters Measured pH, Temperature
Sampling Yes
User Calibratable Yes
User Replaceable Yes
Warranty 1 year